What does the slang hook up mean

What does the term hooking up mean to you (those under 25 only, please i must agree because hooking up does mean so many ambiguous term that means what. How can the answer be improved. This slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of hook is the slang word / phrase abbreviated form of hook up com/meaning-definition-of/hook.

Ecuadorian slang words to what does booty call mean booty call definition military slang, or informal military terms, are colloquial terms used commonly by military personnel eeh by gum, a glossary fer tha is a dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms often as abbreviations or derivations of the nato phonetic. What does the slang word hook up mean, trending now one side has the word, one side has the definition sally is always hooking up with guys at parties. While the term “hooking up” is used quite frequently, it’s interesting to note that there are multiple definitions and explanations as to what it actually means in fact, hooking up is an expression that can signify many different things to different people.

I am naive at this to me it meant meeting till someone told me it was a one night standis that true it seems to be a cultural. What does the phrase hook up mean to you if i were to use it i would mean hook up in some that sure sounds to me like it defeats the purpose of having slang. Hook up can have two meanings: to meet, or to have a sexual encounter of some degree before it had any sexual connotations the term meant, meet today, the slang dictionary definition seems to be kissing and touching above the waist younger speakers seem to use it as synonymous with getting.

Hook up can mean several things for example hook up could mean that you ran into an old friend and the two of you hooked up for the night.

Hook up/hooked up 1 to engage in romantic/sexual activity with another at a party/gathering usually, one or both partners are under the influence of alcohol, or another judgement imparing drug. This slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of hook up is the slang word / phrase / acronym hook up means online slang dictionary a list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations.

On the east coast people usually use the term hooking up to mean any type of sexual encounter from a little french kissing to piv sex on the west coast it is largely only used to mean sex this is definitely a generalization as some new yorkers (for instance) use it to mean simply going on a date. Let's stop the confusion: what is the real definition of hooking up better yet, what does it mean to you read more. Jessica stephens (not her real name), a san francisco mother of four, has heard the term hooking up among her teenage sons' friends, but she's just not sure what it means.

Definition of hook up in the definitionsnet dictionary meaning of hook up what does hook up mean information and translations of hook up in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. A term that is widely used in texting and chat, and on facebook and elsewhere on the internet, but what does hook up mean in slang most common hook up meaning hook up means a casual encounter, ranging from kissing to full sexual intercourse. How do you define hooking up the ambiguity surrounding what “hooking up” means enables both men and the term could help mitigate the gender.

What does the slang hook up mean
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